wtorek, 21 maja 2013

Hello my Friends,
Today I'd like to intoduce You my another passion which is motorization. I don't really have time for following news but recently I became interested in cars from the fashion perspective. A car is not just an engine specification. Except from the inside there exist outside. Beautiful cars are in demand nowadays.
Who the hell would want an ugly car!?
-No one- I guess
But what is that beauty? The value of beauty in case of cars is design. A design that shows emotions and motion. Imagine a car which is just boring.
Example? Here You are - Volkswagen Passat B5:

It is as boring and as predictable as it's possible. It looks like a piece of ferniture, like a monument. No emotions, just a car with an engine and wheels.
On the other hand imagine a car which is sexy (yeah, cars can be sexy ;)). Muscles and knockouts... What You've got? A muscle car!! xD

No, I'm just kidding ;) Muscle car is not for everybody. You don't have to like it.
Beautiful cars are the ones that everyone likes. They're carefully thought out and completly unpredictable. Curved lines are the thing!! It's universal. The greatest example is The Kinetic Design by Ford. It's described as "energy in motion" and that's what a beauty is. When You can see a car in motion, even if it's static, then the car brings emotions.

Thank You for Your attention Dear Readers :) 
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